Review of “Float Plan” by Trish Doller

Review: 4.5 stars


Following her husband’s suicide, Anna decides to take their boat and go on their already planned vacation. She knows that she cannot sail a boat through the Bahamas without help. She hires Keane to assist her part of the trip. She tells Keane that there will be no romance. It is strictly a business deal. During the trip, Anna comes to terms with her feelings of her husband’s death as well as moving on. Keane is also dealing with things in his life. After losing his leg, he is having trouble finding work.

My thoughts:

Book #1 of the “Beck Sisters series.” Can be read as a stand-alone. The second book is just with her sister (a minor character in this book). I read book #2 before this book, which can be read as a stand-alone. But…. you get to see how the characters from this book end up. I really wished that I would have read them in order. But it did not take anything from this book.

I really enjoyed the characters. The characters had real problems and were complex. They were also likable. I really wanted to see them succeed. The character development was great. The author did a wonderful job at painting a picture of where they started and how they changed throughout this trip.

This is not your typical romance or rom-com. It deals with a lot of heavy issues (suicide, drunk drivers, grief, starting over, etc.). I did like this about this book. I also liked watching the characters have flaws and overcome their issues. It was not a fluffy romance book. But the tone of the book was not sad, it was more uplifting. It was a book about grief but also moving on from that sadness.

What a setting for a book! I just loved that this book was set from her starting in Fort Lauderdale and ending up in Trinidad.

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