Review of “Out of My Heart” by Sharon M. Draper

Review: 3 stars


Book #2 in the “Out of my mind” series. This book takes place about a year after book #1. We see Melody wanting to go away to camp like her other friends from school. She researches what camps she would be able to attend. And her mother agrees to take her. While at camp, she gets to zip-line, swim, ride horses, and meet great long-lasting friendships.

My thoughts:

Book #2 in the series. I did enjoy book #1 a lot more than this book. You can read as a stand-alone, but the same characters are back for this book. I would recommend the 1st book hands down. This book, I would only recommend for a quick read. They do a good job at re-introducing everyone. The first novel focuses on her school and friends. This book focuses more on her being independent and going to camp. It is kind of like a coming-of-age story as this is the 1st time that Melody has ever been away from home.

The characters make this book. All her friends at camp also have disabilities. They also talk about her mother being nervous about her being away at camp, her camp counselors, etc. I really enjoyed reading about them. They were all likable.

I think it was a bit too slow for me. It was very repetitive. She does the same activities with the same results. I wish that we would have seen a lot more growth with Melody. It was a quick read-through.

Do not get me wrong, I really did enjoy this book. It just did not impact me as much as Book #1. I think I was just expecting more, and it did not deliver. But overall, I did enjoy the book and characters.

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