Review of “How Lucky” by Will Leitch

 2/5 Stars

Summary of review: 

This book was not for me. If you like a light mystery with a witty main character and little on the suspense side, then this book is for you.


Daniel lives in Georgia and works for an airline. He has SMA

My thoughts:

The writing style was unique. It was not my taste. I felt like there was no action. I enjoyed it until about half way. I just wanted the book to end. I got bored rather quickly.

The main character was awesome. He made the book for me. He was witty.. The main character’s wit were meant for small laughs. But after reading a book that talks in depth about Ableism, I am not sure I like the summary for this book.

I really did not feel emotionally connected to any of the characters really. Their conversations between each other felt disjointed.


This book was not for me. I did not care for the pacing of it. I also did not care for any of the characters. I did enjoy the main character’s wit though.

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