Review of “If The Shoe Fits” by Julie Murphy (Meant To Be series #1)

 5 /5 Stars

Summary of review: 

I loved this book a lot. The characters, the reality show,  body positivity, etc. It was such a cute and modern re-telling of Cinderella.

 OMG! If this is how the Meant To Be series will be…. I am reading them all!


Cindy just graduated with a degree in fashion. Her passion is designing shoes! Cindy moves back in with her stepmom and stepsisters. Her stepmom is the exec producer of a reality show (similar to The Bachelor) called Before Midnight. Cindy volunteers to be on the show in order to “jumpstart” her career.

Cindy goes on the show, and the viewers love her. She is a plus size woman and very confident on the show. Viewers at home are eating it up. Cindy not only impresses the viewers at home but also…. She may have a chance at winning the grand prize too! Sparks fly and romance is in the air! Can Cindy start her career, find love, and be America’s sweetheart?

My thoughts:

I love reality shows, rom-coms, and to read books. I knew this book would be a 5 star read.

I would like to tell the author that I LOVED how she portrayed the main character. The main character is an EXCELLENT example of positive body image. A pet peeve of mine is when a main character says that they do not care about their weight, but then they are self-conscious about their body image, have others put them down, etc. This book was NOT like that at all. I loved the main character so much. Cindy was confident, knew she could win the competition, and owned it. It was so refreshing  and encouraging to read about Cindy! I wish other authors would take note on how it is done!

I also loved every character! I loved the sweet interactions between Cindy and Henry so much. They had so much in common, and you could feel the chemistry. When I got to the end of the TV show….I mean book, I was on the edge of my seat.

I also loved the similarities and changes from Cinderella. For example, Cindy’s stepmom and sisters were nice to her! This is not an actual Cinderella story. This felt like a rom-com and not a Cinderella re-telling. Every once in a while, I would be reminded of something in Cinderella. For example, she is into fashion and designs shoes.  

I loved the writing style. I have read other books by Julie Murphy, but this one was my favorite.


I loved this book from the body positivity, to great characters, and a reality show….this book will have you keep reading until the end. This book is excellent for any rom-com fans.

Thank you Netgalley for this book in exchange for an honest review!

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