Review of “We Are Okay” by Nina LaCour

 3 /5 Stars

Summary of review: 

This book was okay but not great. It was beautifully written and emotionally charged. It just lacked something.


Marin left and quit talking to anyone associated with her old life. No one really can understand the emotions that she is going through. Marin starts to dig deep with the emotions and the memories that she has been trying to avoid from her old life. Her best friend, Mabel is coming to visit. Now Marin has to face her emotions and her old life that she tried to run from (grief).

My thoughts:

The writing was excellent.

I really enjoyed this book at the beginning. But by the time that I got in the middle, I was just zoned out. There is not much action in the plot, so it fizzled for me half way through it. I did enjoy the story overall, but there has to be some progression. With a short read, you expect more to it.

The characters were well developed. The emotions were strong throughout as well. That shows the talent of the author when you can radiate that emotions through the book to the reader.

I just felt like something was missing.


This book was okay. It was not the best book, but it was beautifully written. The emotions of the book really hit me hard.

Trigger warnings: death of a loved one and grief

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