Review of “Leah on the Offbeat” by Becky Albertalli

I am giving this book a 3.5 star review. So I love the “Simonverse” novels! I really wanted to like this book as much as the others, but there was something about it that was flat for me.

We are taken back to Alabama where we meet the “Simon gang” again! This time Leah is the main character. Leah is a senior and starts to flirt with Garret. They are heading to prom together. But Leah has feelings for Abby. Will it be Garret or Abby? We also see Bram and Simon’s relationship bloom!

The main character, Leah, I wanted to like a lot. She is quirky and just cool (plays the drums, draws, and wears the coolest clothes). But over time, she just was annoying. She was your typically “angst” and rude teenager. She was nasty to her friends, mom, mom’s boyfriend, etc. This behavior is not what I am used to with main characters in this series of novels. Now the other characters (Simon and Bram) were all a delight! It almost seemed as though Leah and Abby were two different people from the original book as well.

Additionally, there was no buildup of emotions. Most of the “action” happened before the novel even takes place. Additionally, she pines so much for someone that does not want her back the entire novel. To me the Abby and Leah romance just does mix. I mean in the 1st two novels there is no mention or build-up to these characters being an item. They are not even a good match. I can see if both had things in common, were flirty in the other novels, etc. Half the novel, Leah hates her, then the next in love with her. At the end, I was like meh. Additionally, she flirts and strings along Garret the entire novel.

A note: I would read Simon vs. first. A lot of the same characters are in this one.

Overall, I felt as though I needed to read this novel to keep reading the series. I am glad that I at least got some closure to see Simon and how he was doing!

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