Review of “One to Watch” by Kate Stayman-London

I am rating this novel a 3.5 star review.

I am a reality show fanatic. I thought for sure that I was just going to fall in love with this book. I just had a lot of things that bothered me with this novel though.

The premise: A blogger, Bea, writes about the cast of a reality show (similar to “The Bachelor”). She discusses how the show needs to diversify their casting better. Bea is overweight but also confident woman. After that post, the show calls her to be on it! She agrees to the Reality show in order to prove that women of all sizes can find love. Will Bea find true love?

I had some major issues with this novel. It is supposed to be a rom-com but there is NO romance in it. I enjoy the occasional love triangle. But this was a little much with having 25 men on the tv show vying for her attention. It was a lot of characters to keep up with. You really do not get that moment…that ‘OMG are they going to hook up or what’ moment. It is that excitement that keeps you reading a rom-com. At the end of the novel, I did not feel that excitement at all.

I did NOT like how the main character was depicted. Bea starts off as a strong and confident woman who wants to prove to the viewers that size does not matter. But the entire book all she does is worry and fret over how people see her as fat. So what is it? Is she strong and wants to model her amazing figure or insecure about her body image? And it was not just one small chapter in the book, she does this throughout the entire novel.

Overall, I enjoyed the book. I would recommend it to others.

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