Review of “Leave the World Behind” by Rumaan Alam

I am rating this book a 2.5 star review. I enjoyed the overall plot, but the writing was not my style.

In a nutshell, a family goes on vacation and rented a house. They are a couple with kids and went from the city to the country. All of a sudden, the owners of the house come home. They do not know what is happening outside the house, but it appears the electric grid is down. Needless to say, it is safer for both couples to stay put. They are complete strangers as well. As the book progresses, it is about relationships, trying to figure out what is happening outside their area, etc.

I almost did not finish this book. There was something about this book and the writing that I did not like at all. I did not like any of the characters either. I really did not care about what happened to the characters at all. It was almost like the writer was trying to “stream of consciousness” but it just did not work. The writing had me jumping from one person to the next. And some of the paragraphs were long and strange. I also hated the ending of the book.

They are making this into a movie with Julia Robert and Denzel Washington. I sure hope it is way better than the book.

Overall, this book was not for me.

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