Review of “Marriage Game” by Sara Desai

Overall: 3/5 Stars

Summary of review: The 1st half of the book was wonderful. The 2nd half fell flat for me.


After having to move back home, Layla is going to start a new career. Her father, puts her on a dating on an online dating website for the chance of her to marry. He even hand picks a few dates for her. He also offers his upstairs of his restaurant for her new office. After a mix-up, her father had rented the upstairs office to Sam. Now she has a long list of suitors that she is seeing while sharing space with Sam in her office.

My thoughts:

I started to read this and thought that I was going to love it. But then the second half of the novel was not the same. I could not wait for it to be over. I read the author’s other book “The Dating Game” and loved it from start to finish. I just wish the same vibe in this story went through to the end.

Typically, you read a story and start to love the characters. I loved the main character but wanted to see her evolve and change. Sam’s character, I just did not care for at all. He seemed too corporate/harsh and not the right match for Layla.

Overall, a good rom-com for anyone wanting a light and fun read. It was not my favorite rom-com though.

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