Review of “Something Wilder” by Christina Lauren

  5  star review


Lily’s father was a famous treasure hunter. She now makes a living from her deceased father’s old journals by taking people on a fake treasure hunt. But Lily dreams of a life buying her family ranch. At one point, she lived there with her ex-boyfriend. Those were her happiest memories. She prepares for a new trip only to discover her ex-boyfriend is one of them in the group. After a series of events, Lily decides to find her father’s treasure despite other people looking for it too. Can Lily find the treasure first? Will she get back together with her ex?

My thoughts:

Wow! This book is a cross between a rom-com and adventure. I have not enjoyed a book as much as this one in a long time. Christina Lauren’s books are always great, but I think this one is my favorite. Treasure hunting, second chance romance, re-connecting with her father, etc.  This book played out in my head just like a movie. It was so much fun to read this book. Now I want to find more adventure romances to add to my TBR.

Plot: What a unique rom-com. It had the ex lovers seeing each other accidentally after years. It had a treasure hunting obsessed father, bad guys, shootings, and even a wild car chase!

Characters: I loved each and every character. The two main characters were so cute together. I really felt like they came from two different worlds- big city and country- but were meant to be with each other. The tension through the book- will they, or won’t they- is intense between the characters. I also loved all the secondary characters.

I also loved the western setting. I have always been around horses and camping my entire life.

The author totally commented on my Instagram review! Really cool!!!

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