Spoilers Celebrity Book clubs Feb 2022

Sorry that I am late. I broke my hand in two places. It is so tough to blog right now. Ha On my lunch break, to messages from my sister this am! She knows the picks for all of the three big ones.

I have not see the sticker. Will confirm once I see it. Reeses hello sunshine pick
GMA’s pick (Good Morning America)
Jenna Hager-Bush- Today Show pick

My sister says she knows some rumors for Oprah’s but nothing solid. Update: I have yet to see the sticker but….we may know what Oprah’s is. I told her until i see a sticker, I may not post it though.

This is just a guess for Oprah’s as I or ny sister have not seen a sticker

Very cold people

Guess number 2 for Oprah’s. Tme will tell.

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