Review of “The Holiday Switch” by Tif Marcelo

  3 star review


Lila is in high school and works for an inn. Her hours are reduced because the owner’s nephew will be working at the inn for Christmas. They immediately do not like one another. They accidently switch phones and discover that both are keeping secrets from their families. As they talk, they discover that they have a lot of things in common.

My thoughts:

This is your typical cheesy holiday book. It was cute, but did not give me all the feels like a typical Hallmark movie does. The cover art though is really cute. That is the reason why I picked it up. This was a fast read for anyone wanting a quick Christmas rom-com. Cheesy holiday town that goes overboard for Christmas, enemies to lovers during Christmas troupe, etc.

Some of the characters were cute as with any Christmas rom-com. It was fun to read about them. It was very predictable. I did not feel the chemistry between Lila and Teddy. If you are going to do an enemies to lover, the attraction has to be there. I just felt friend vibes between them. I really did not like Teddy’s character at all. He was a lot older than our main character- although both were immature. I did not like how he was in college and she was in high school either.

I did not think the title of the book matched the plot at all. Other than the switch of their phones what else was switching? I would have thought of a new title for the book.

Also, the secrets that are being kept from their families are minor. If you need to hide that stuff from your families, then something is wrong.

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