Review of “Rolling Warrier” by Judith Heumann

  4 star review


A memoir about a woman who was born with polio and her fight for equal rights for people with disabilities.

Judy Heumann was denied the rights to go to her local school. Then she goes to college without having the buildings being assessable for her wheelchair. Then the state denied her to obtain a teaching license due to her disability. Judy sued the board of education. This started a chain of events to fight for equality for people with disabilities.

My thoughts:

This was an interesting read for me. I have watched documentaries at work about the fight for equal rights for people with disabilities. But they are always impersonal and more factual. It was nice to read a memoir from someone who saw and experienced it all firsthand.

To think there was a time where people with disabilities were treated so badly. How hard it was to fight “the system.” Anytime where you have to rely on politicians to make a change, it is always quite the fight. Politicians always resist change which is horrible. Changing people’s pre-conceived notions and prejudices are also hard to do. Judy’s bravery and protests, changed the way that America and the world perceived a person with a disability. The injustices that they were to endure was just horrible. It was through the hard work and dedication from the people who fought for equality that changed these perceptions at least in the workplace.

Needless to say, this memoir is inspiring and interesting to read. Ableism is still alive and well today. But at least the dedication of getting section 504 approved happened. This was a giant step forward for equality.

I would have also liked to see more pictures and/or newspaper clippings from the events that took place.

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