Review of “The Lie About the Truck: Survivor, reality TV, and the endless gaze” by Sallie Tisdale

This is a short review.


2.5-3 star review: I got this book thanks to a Goodreads giveaway!


Survivor fans unite! This is a book all about the TV show Survivor.

My thoughts:

I was expecting more from this book. I am a HUGE Survivor fan. I did not know if she was bashing me for watching the show OR if she was a fan of the show. She described a lot of the scenes, but then criticized it too.

I felt like it was just all over the place. In one paragraph, she was talking about way too many people from Survivor or scenes. I have watched every single episode or every single season. One chapter covered about 20 years of Survivor.

Everything that she talks about is common sense. I did not gain any additional knowledge from this book. I get more from reading the comment section on social media about the show.

I would have liked Survivor trivia, behind the scenes, and/or shocking moments. But what I got was ramblings of scenes and arguments about how the viewer (like myself) interrupt the show.

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