Review of “Under the Whispering Door” by T.J. Klune

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4 star review


A corporate man has everything including money and success. He dies but is in denial that he is indeed dead. He is in limbo. He meets people that are also in limbo but also people trying to get him to cross over. But to do that, they must convince him that there is more to life than just money and success.

My thoughts:

This book was NOT as magical as his last book. His last book was hands down a 5 star review. This book was good, but not as good.

I really enjoyed the characters. His characters just seem so real. They are very complex but also cartoonish (which is hard to do in a book). They are always so quirky. The humor in this book was a miss for me. Although his humor in his last book, I loved! I did like the banter between characters. All the characters were likeable.

As with his other book, the plot was unique. The setting was whimsical. I also loved the cover art! I wouldn’t mind framing it for my wall!

I also liked the tone of this book. You would think a book about death would be dark and not funny. But this book was quite the opposite. I enjoy that about T.J.’s writing.  

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