Review of “The Lost Man” by Jane Harper

I am giving this book a 4.5 to 5 star review. What a book!!!! Her characters and mysteries are like no other. I could not wait to see what happened. I loved following the clues and piecing it together with the main character! This story is about family, redemption, survival in the family and the Outback, etc. It is by far not just a murder mystery.

This story is about 3 brothers. One brother (Cameron) dies in the Outback on the family ranch. Things look like an accident with Cameron’s death. Until little details make his brother want to look deeper not only into Cameron’s life but also everyone who had a motive to kill Cameron (and that list is long). The family all have their issues and deal with a lot of personal as well as family turmoil. Can Nathan find out the truth behind his brother’s death: accident or murder?

Her characters are so detailed and complex. You learn so much about each person at the end of the story.  Additionally with every book, her details of the Australian Outback are so detailed and descriptive. This book is a slow pace but there is so much happening in it that I did not notice. I did not want to miss a single thing for fear that I would miss a clue! I felt like a detective in her story.

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