Review of “Tokyo Ever After” by Emiko Jean

 3.5 to 4 Stars

Summary of review: A cute story with fun characters. It is a light-hearted read.


An American girl does a DNA test to discover that her biological father is the crown prince of Japan. She travels to Japan to meet her father. As she is getting to know the culture and becoming an instant royal, she is also just being a teenager and falling in love along the way too.

My thoughts:

This was a fun and cute read. In the beginning, I highlighted a lot of quotes from the book- funny and very thought-provoking. The writing was great as well.

The characters made this book! The characters were complex. I did feel as though the focus was on her relationships, but…. The romantic relationship lacked the depth that I wanted. It was more focused on her relationships with a ton of other characters, including her mother and father. What made up for all the things that I did not like about the characters was how in-depth Izzy (Izumi) was throughout the book. She was funny, had flaws, and just an overall cute character.

The plot is a theme that is as old as time. A “common” person that finds out that she is a princess. It was predictable in that sense.

I loved learning about Japan though. I loved reading about the scenery and learning about the history. It was the highlight of the book for me.

The cover to this book is stunning. I think I scored it higher in my rating because of how adorable the cover!

Conclusion: If you want a book that is fast and light-hearted, then pick up this book! A sequel Tokyo Dreaming will be coming out next year! I will probably pick it up when it comes out.

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