Review of “Local Woman Missing” by Mary Kubica

Overall: 3.5-4/5 Stars

Summary of review: A fast-read thriller/mystery like no other. Gets ready for twists, turns, and thrills with this book!


In order to keep the details away from spoiling the novel, I am going to be brief with my description.

Shelby goes missing. Then not long after that another local girl, Meredith, and her 6-year old daughter, Delilah goes missing.

Eleven years after the 3 women/child goes missing, Delilah returns to her family.

Then as the plot thickens, we discover eventually what happened to all three of them. You will have to read and find out.

My thoughts:

The timelines of the story is set with multiple POVs as well as timelines. At times, the times lines could be confusing. But overall, it was done rather well. As the story kept going, the reader is able to piece together the clues to what really happened 11 years before.

Buckle up- you are in for a ride. You will want to know what is happening and will be curious about how this book will end. You will have guesses, but if it was like me…. My guesses were not correct (maybe because I was thinking it would be something believable).  The ending was a bit too far outfield for me, but it worked for this novel. The ending also felt rushed to me.

The writing style was not my style. I really enjoyed the first 10%. Then the middle half, it got slow. The ending was a little too far-fetched for me. But when I thought about the book as a whole, I would definitely recommend this book to other people.

Conclusion: It was unpredictable, cannot put down thriller/mystery.

Trigger warnings: There are a bunch, but it would give away details of the book. Abuse, Kidnapping, childbirth issues, death, etc.

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