Review of “Will” by Will Smith and Mark Manson

 4.5 Stars

Summary: Will Smith’s memoir goes from childhood to present day. He talks about his family, growing up, his career, and marriages. The book has serious and funny stories throughout. It starts with his childhood, siblings, and parents. He then talks about his start in the music industry and his transition to TV/films. He goes into details about his marriages, children, and his successful career.

My thoughts:

I listened and read this book! I really enjoyed it. It was one of the best memoirs that I read this year! Even when I was reading the book, I could hear Will’s voice.

All his stories were interesting. I seriously laughed out loud a few times. In other times, the book got serious too. I thought he opened up and showed the real Will Smith with a lot pf personal stories. I wish there was a little more about his marriage with Jada. I also would have loved more of him talking about his children.

There was great pacing and it followed his life really well. Some memoirs just jump around too much, but not this one.

The one thing that I did not like was how he was arrogant. He thinks he is the best actor of all time. After him saying that for like the 100th time during the book, I just wanted to take a break. But I guess with his success in the film industry, he can be a little boastful. I have to admit that it really turned me off about the novel.

I really love the cover art! I also really loved all the pictures. There was two full sections of color photos that spanned from his childhood to today. His audiobook is read by Will Smith. I really enjoy it when the audiobooks are read by the author!

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