Review of “The Storyteller: Tales of Life and Music” by Dave Grohl

 4.5 Stars


Dave Grohl’s memoir walks you through his childhood, career, and personal life. He talks about him growing up, getting into music, influences, family life, etc. Foo Fighters and Nirvana… 2 of the greatest bands of all time!!!!

My thoughts:

I listened and read this book! I really enjoyed it. Dave’s memoir was serious but also humorous. The pacing was great!

Dave is a family man. You can tell how much he loves his wife and children. He sounds like a bragging dad anytime that he talks about his daughters. I can tell how much he loves them with just his words! He also loves his music too. He talks about music in the same way.

I really enjoyed the stories of the famous singers/musicians. He acts as though he is not famous! It was nice to listen to his stories and being star struck. Or his enthusaum to get his children to be as excited as he is to meet Paul Macartney or Joan Jett!

The pacing was really good. There was no jumping around in this memoir. He goes from his childhood, to his career, and his personal life. I really enjoyed listening to all his stories. He is funny yet serious. He made me cry when he was talking about Kurt Cobain’s death. I can tell how much it really impacted him.

I wish that he would have talked about his career with Nirvana and Kurt Coban. Not thinking that he was going to go into any shocking details. But I wanted to know about his life during that time.  

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