Spoilers for February 2024 celebrity book clubs

Read with jenna


Reeses (I did not see a sticker. this was from one of my readers- let me know if someone spots a sticker)

31 thoughts on “Spoilers for February 2024 celebrity book clubs

  1. My library is showing the cover of Come & Get It with the GMA sticker!

    1. Book Nerd says:

      Wow thanks! I will have this posted right now

  2. any hint for Reese? thanks so much

  3. I wonder if Reese will pick A Love Song For Ricki Wilde by Tia Williams. It releases February 6th.

    1. Taina Ortiz says:

      Was thinking the same thing and she has pick same author more than once

      1. Nosey Reader says:

        I was thinking The Women by Kristin Hannah. It has the same release date.

        1. Book Nerd says:

          I am inclined to think this as well. I haven’t seen a finished copy yet tho

          1. Hi everyone! My library received multiple copies of The Women by Kristin Hannah – none of them have the Hello Sunshine sticker, but they came from the Ingram warehouse so I’m not sure if that makes any difference!

    2. or the women by Kristen Hannah?

    3. I saw this one at my local bookstore tonight and there was no sticker. Though I am in Canada and sometimes we get a different edition without the sticker, so maybe!!

    4. Nosey Reader says:

      A post on Instagram seems to confirm this.

  4. Gandhi Girl says:

    This is interesting…. the author was just at Hello Sunshine HQ videotaping something to be released soon with Reese’s Book Club. –> https://www.instagram.com/p/C2DWlGuvPYP/
    I wonder if this is Reese’s pick for Feb? Has anyone seen a live copy in a bookstore or library yet?

    1. I saw this book today and it didn’t have a sticker

  5. I Love Books says:

    It’s not A Love Song for Ricki Wilde. She’s promoting it today as a giveaway with Seven Days in June. She’s confirmed in previous comments that the February selection will be announced on the 6th. I think it’s The Women and would be a smart choice as there is a lot of buzz around the book. Warner Bros has already picked up the rights to produce it and it’s already #3 on Amazon.

  6. I’m putting my two cents in. Reeses pick isn’t going to be a new release.

    1. Book Nerd says:

      I agree. When no one spots a sticker, it usually is an older book

  7. Collection Development Librarian says:

    Reese Book

    Redwood Court

  8. Collection Development Librarian says:

    Delana Dameron

    1. Book Nerd says:

      Is this official? Did you see a sticker?

      1. Jennifer Zavila says:

        My Library marked it as available 2/6. They always have the book club books available the day they announce them.

  9. The author of redwood court posted a story with text covering the RBC sticker. It’s faint but you can see the yellow peeking through.

  10. y’all are good!! Reese just announced the Redwood Court book. (thru text) I am excited for this coming of age story for this month! especially a good Black History fiction – and Southern!

    1. How do you sign up for texts?

      1. Book Nerd says:

        Om her website I will snag the link for u

      2. Book Nerd says:

        I posted the link on my site as it would not let me on the comments

  11. Any updates on March spoilers?

  12. Public librarian here. Just received a box of new books with “sticker spoilers”:
    Anita De Monte Laughs Last by X. Gonzalez – Reese’s Book Club
    The Great Divide by C. Henriquez – Read with Jenna

  13. March GMA – Listen for the Lie ; Amy Tintera.

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