Spoilers for January 2024 celebrity book clubs


If you are going to tell other sites, please tell them that you saw it on book nerd alert.


11 thoughts on “Spoilers for January 2024 celebrity book clubs

  1. Lisa Melillo says:

    I chose The Storm We Made for a December Book of the Month pick and I just finished it today. Highly recommend! It was a 5 star read for me!

  2. First Lie Wins is Reese’s pick

  3. Taina Ortiz says:

    Merry Christmas 🎄 thankful for this community excited to hear jennanpick as well

  4. Any word on Jenna’s pick?

    1. Book Nerd says:

      Not yet. This is odd cause usually Reese throws me off with an older pick.

      1. Based on the hints they posted on IG today, I’m wondering if it could be The Waters by Bonnie Jo Campbell?

  5. Taina Ortiz says:

    Heard Jenna will announce her pick Thursday

  6. My guess for Jenna’s pick it The Waters by Bonnie Jo Campbell. She has a video on her Instagram and she is holding the book sideways. Says if you love Where the Crawdads Sing you’ll love this book. Publishes next week 1/9. From the description and the colors on the book this looks like the best fit.

  7. Jenna announced this morning her pick is The Waters by Bonnie Jo Campbell

  8. Jenna posted her pick
    The Waters by Bonnie Jo Campbell
    I am soo excited for Reese’s pick.. It’s SOO GOOD so far!

  9. I appreciate these posts so much!! They allow me to jump on wait lists early as soon as they post them at my library. I am always able to beat the crowd. Thanks so much. I currently have The Waters, The Storm We Made & First Lie Wins.

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