The Ex Hex by Erin Sterling

Rating: 3 star review


A young witch (Vivienne) has her heart broken. She ends up drunk and placing a curse on her ex-boyfriend, Rhys (who else would love to do this!)

Go forward nine years, when Rhys returns to her town. Will they all find out about her hex on him?

Their little town has a lot of magical stuff happening. Can Vivienne and Rhys work together to save the town? Will they break the hex on Rhys?

My thoughts:

This story had an interesting plot for sure. I picked it up for that reason! How often do you have a cute rom-com with witches in it!

It was an easy and fast read. I could not believe how large the font was in this book.

The characters were cute as well. I really liked their banter back and forth between Rhys and Viv. But I thought that it needed something more. I am used to a lot of chemistry between characters, and I did not feel that in this book.

To be honest, I was hoping for a lot more with this book. It just felt rushed and the chemistry was not there. The pacing was so slow that I lost interest in this book rather quickly. Luckily, the book was not that long.

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