The Great Peace by Mena Suvari review

Rating: 3 star review


A memoir for Mena Suvari- best known for American Pie, American Beauty, and Six Feet Under.

Mena talks about her childhood. Mena is an addict to sex and drugs. From being a model to starring in movies, she talks about this very little.

She shares poetry that she wrote growing up. She also shares details on her many relationships: the good and bad. She also talks about some of the worst moments in her life.

My thoughts:

I did not care for this memoir at all. I felt like it was disjointed. It jumped around quite a bit- Not enough for me to be confused, but for me to lose interest. It almost felt like I was reading a teenager’s diary- not a memoir of an actress.

I also felt like she defines herself by the men in her life. Every single story was about a man in her life or sex. She seems like she has been struggling with figuring out who she is as a person for many years. I hope she finds what she is searching for in her life.

She always gave excuse after excuse on why she was not the bad person in the situation. When it seemed in my eyes that she was the common denominator to all of the drama in her life.

She discusses her sexual life as well as her drug life in detail. I found most of her stories sad. I was sad that she has led such a dismal life. I was hoping for something uplifting at the end of the memoir, and I did not get that at all.

I did like her opening up and telling us some stories about her life. Some of them had to be very hard for her to tell.

I did read the book. I wish that I would have listened to her tell her own story. But when I started to listen to it, the narration was not the best. I decided to read it instead.

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