Why I love my local Library

Growing up in a small town, my local library is small. But the people in there have known me since I was in preschool! It is like my second home! I am going to talk a little today about how I appreciate my local library!

They have all the wonderful books to borrow from physical books, ebooks, audiobooks, etc. They have Hoopla, Overtime, book clubs, and many other literacy programs. The library is always a place where I can feel as though reading is just accepted. They also have DVDs for people to rent for free! Why go to redbox?!?!?!?

The libraries offer computers to use, workshops, and just a place where people can get information about your local community. You may be able to get your passport, make a copy, or fax something.

One thing that I love to see when I go into the library is books about the history of my town. My father passed away at 50 years old and seeing his old high school year books means so much to me. But I can also research the house that I live in, history of the town, etc.

They offer a lot of workshops and have kid’s activities that promote reading. I used to LOVE going to the library growing up. Now I enjoy watching my 6 year old nephew have those same experiences at the library. It really warms my heart! He even has the same Librarian as I had growing up! When I was growing up, I remember everything about the library. How nice everyone was, there was no limit on how many books that I could check out, and just the smell of the books. I have so many great memories!

Book sales! Need I say any more!?!?!?!

  • I have seen so many people meet case managers from different agencies at the library.
  • People charging their phones, use WIFI to apply for a job, or just chill out on their couches.
  • I have witnessed people job searching or even file their unemployment there.
  • They have literacy programs for children and adults.
  • Agencies do ESL classes in the building.
  • Book Clubs
  • Children and teenagers doing after school activities. I have seen Pokémon, teens studying together, college students reviewing for their term papers, etc.
  • Obtain a passport
  • Get local information on events, agencies, referrals to places, etc.
  • Fund raising for the libraries but also the community are held there

The atmosphere is also welcoming and warm. When I go into my local library, they care about me. They really want to know how I have been, what I am reading, and how my family is doing!

Tell me about your library below in the comments!

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