March 2020

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Quarantine tips for readers

Missing your book club or lonely? Try Zoom or Skype to chat about your books with your book club members. Also, I chat on Facebook a lot with my friends. I pick a daily or weekly set amount of pages or chapters and discuss books with them. Go online to Read more

A short list of Short Story Collections!

I just love to read short stories. I read a lot of the great ones in college! But thought that I would share some classics as well as some newer short story collections for your enjoyment! The ones with the stars beside them, I have no read yet. The Adventures Read more

Review of “Jetsetters” by Amanda Eyre Ward

I am giving this book a 2.5 star review. Although the character development and writing style was good, I just did not care about the characters or plot. This novel is about a dysfunctional family. The matriarch wins a “Jettsetters” trip. She takes her three adult children. Each character has Read more

Review of “Fly Away” by Kristen Hannah

This is the sequel to “FireFly Lane” by Kristen Hannah. The first novel was a 5 star review. This book I am giving a 4.5 star review. I loved this novel a lot. It starts after the last book left off. I will not give any details away. But this Read more

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What are you reading?

WOW! It has been a crazy week! Today the library announced it was closing for 2 weeks. So naturally, my next move was to stop there for some books. I am currently reading: “When We Were Vikings” by Andrew David MacDonald “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” by Douglas Adams “Finding Read more

The Plague of Books

Here is a list of books about plague. Spend time isolated reading a good book! 🙂 You can read non-fiction, fiction based on true events, or fiction based on the present or future virus. You can read about zombies, viruses or even E.T. diseases with sci-fi elements. Whatever you fancy, Read more

Oprah’s Complete Book Club List

I have been working on this for a while, but have yet to publish it. Here is a complete up to date list of Oprah’s Books. I will update this list as she announces her new books in the future! I am saving it as a PDF file. Happy reading, Read more

“Great American Trivia” book

No review needed. I just read a book called “Great American Trivia.” It had a lot of interesting facts! I read it in two days! It was very well written as well. I found myself impressing my husband and family with interesting facts from this book! I was lucky enough Read more

Reese Witherspoon’s March book club pick

It is not out until March 3, 2020. So you have a few days to pre-order this book! “Jetsetters” by Amanda Eyre Ward Attached is the updated Reese Witherspoon book list. It is a PDF. Reese-Witherspoon-complete-list-of-booksDownload