Review of “Shelter Mountain” by Robyn Carr (book 2 of the Virgin River series)

I am giving this book a 3 star review.

I enjoyed this novel, but it was a little slow. It is a quick read. It is book 2 of the Virgin River series. I have read book 1 of the series before this. You do not have to read book 1, but a lot of the characters are carried over from that book. I would highly recommend reading book one before this one.

The book is about John or “Preacher” as he likes to be called. He meets a woman, Paige, who is running from an abusive husband. She has a child with her as well. John protects her. Additionally, there are plenty of pregnancies along the way as to be expected when the main character of the last book is a midwife. Trigger warning of domestic violence and miscarriage.

This book was cliché. I really did not have anything unexpected happen. I could have told you after chapter 1 what was going to happen in the entire book. It was a quick and easy read. I almost DNF it, but I wanted to see the ending. And the ending was just as I expected that it would be. I am going to give this series one more book before I just watch the Netflix show!

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