August Book adaptions to TV/movies and other book news

Another month with another clean page for Book News! E. Lockhart’s books will be adapted for TV. The books will be We Are Liars, Family of Liars, and Again Again. This is NOT political…. Michelle Obama will have a new book called The Light We Carry. It is due out in November 2022. Bolu Babalola […]

Book Journals ideas

Here are some ideas on what do journal about with each book! Character list and analysis Your rating and average ratings Settings (I keep a map and color them in where each book was set) Publisher Page numbers Titles Favorite quotes Themes Comparision to an adaption (TV/Movie) Steam rating (romance) Who you would like see […]

Types of Journals

I know this is not reading or book-related. But normally when people read, they journal too. I have been doing a reading journal. I also do a little of each of these. I do not do everything daily. But I mix and match in mine. I just wanted to provide anyone wanting to journal with […]