January 2020

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Arc Alert! “The Mall” by Megan McCafferty

My sister brought my mail to the mall. She gave me a package and it is my arc of “The Mall” by Megan McCafferty! This cover is pretty cool even if cold and gloomy out! Thanks to Goodreads, Megan McCafferty, and Wednesday Books for the chance to read this! I Read more

Why I love my local Library

Growing up in a small town, my local library is small. But the people in there have known me since I was in preschool! It is like my second home! I am going to talk a little today about how I appreciate my local library! They have all the wonderful Read more


Everyone always asks me about what “types” of books that I read. This is a complicated question to answer. There are 100s of genres and subgenres to choose from. Below is a link to Wikipedia to show you just how many genres there are! How can I just pick one? Read more

Graphic Novel Suggestions

I am going to provide some suggestions of graphic novels for everyone’s book challenges this year. Some of these I have read, and some are just popular within the genre. I know when I first started reading graphic novels and comics, I was not sure where to begin. There are Read more

Book Mail Alert!

Thanks to D.J. Palmer and St. Martin’s Press for my ARC of “The New Husband.” I cannot wait to read this novel! I have been waiting for it since I read about it a few weeks ago! It sounds really good. It says it is a chilling and twisty thriller! Read more

Book Nerd Joy!

I am not one to squeal in delight, but my inner Book Nerd is so happy right now! Christina McDonald, the author to my last ARC, commented and liked my Instagram post that I had to share! OMG! I love being a book nerd!