Review of “Finlay Is Killing It” by Elle Cosimano

Overall: 3.5-4 /5 Stars Summary of review:  This is a step up from a cozy mystery for sure. If you like cozy mysteries but want something a little less “fluffy,” then this is the book for you! Summary: Finlay is a single mother who is fighting her ex-husband and his fiancé for custody of her child. Read more

Review of “If The Shoe Fits” by Julie Murphy (Meant To Be series #1)

Overall: 5 /5 Stars Summary of review:  I loved this book a lot. The characters, the reality show,  body positivity, etc. It was such a cute and modern re-telling of Cinderella.  OMG! If this is how the Meant To Be series will be…. I am reading them all! Summary: Cindy just graduated with a degree in Read more

Review of “People We Meet On Vacation” by Emily Henry

Overall: 5 /5 Stars Summary of review:  What a great read! I wish that I would have read this book sooner than I did! I loved it! Emily Henry did it again! Summary: Poppy and Alex! The are an unlikely pair of friends from a small town in Ohio. Poppy is a city girl at heart Read more

Review of “A Court of Thorns and Roses” by Sarah J. Maas

Overall: 3 /5 Stars (Unpopular opinion- I know) Summary of review:  Fantasy is not my favorite genre. Overall the characters were likeable and the story easy to understand. Summary: The main character, Feyre, kills a faerie that is disguised as a wolf. As a punishment, she is forced to leave her family and live in fantasy Read more

Review of “Every Vow You Break” by Peter Swanson

Overall: 2.5 or 3 /5 Stars Summary of review:  Summary: Abigail meets a rich man who proposes and sends her away on a lavish bachelorette party. She is drunk and has cold feet. She meets a man at the bar and has a one night stand. She immediately regrets it, but gets married nonetheless. The newlyweds Read more

Review of “Good Girl, Bad Blood” by Holly Jackson

Overall: 5/5 Stars Summary of review: The 2nd novel in the Good Girl series. I love a great who-dun-it book. *You should read book #1 before this one. You may not understand a lot of the references to the 1st case in this novel* Summary: Pip has all since left her detective ways behind. She now has Read more