Review of “Something Wilder” by Christina Lauren

Overall:  5  star review Summary: Lily’s father was a famous treasure hunter. She now makes a living from her deceased father’s old journals by taking people on a fake treasure hunt. But Lily dreams of a life buying her family ranch. At one point, she lived there with her ex-boyfriend. Those were her happiest memories. […]

Cli-Fi Book list

I have been interested in finding a good cli-fi book (Climate change fiction). This is NOT a political post. I just wanted to read a dystopia that was different. Here is a list of some cli-fi books: American War by Omar El Akkad Oryx and Crake series by Margaret Atwood Maddaddam series by Margaret Atwood […]

Review of “Watch Me” by Anjelica Huston

Overall:  3  star review Summary: A memoir of Anjelica Huston. She is famous for many movies and TV shows. This memoir tackles her relationships, her famous family, professional career, etc. My thoughts: This memoir was actually boring in some parts and fascinating in others. She talks a lot about her travels around the world. She […]

Review of “The Holiday Switch” by Tif Marcelo

Overall:  3 star review Summary: Lila is in high school and works for an inn. Her hours are reduced because the owner’s nephew will be working at the inn for Christmas. They immediately do not like one another. They accidently switch phones and discover that both are keeping secrets from their families. As they talk, […]

Review of “Nick and Noel’s Christmas Playlist” by Codi Hall

3 more reviews before I am all caught up!!!!!! Then I promise my reviews will get better! 🙂 Overall:  3.5 star review Summary: Nick just returned from the military to his hometown. He goes to see his girlfriend only to find out she is with someone else. Noel is his best friend and long-time family […]

Review of “As Good As Dead” by Holly Jackson (Book 3 in the series)

Overall:  4 star review Summary: Pip is heading off to college. Her true crime podcast is very popular, but also leads to people who hate her too. One of her “fans” is sending her ominous messages that frighten Pip. She is bound and determined to find whoever is doing this to her. My thoughts: You […]

Review of “A Slow Fire Burning” by Paula Hawkins

Overall:  3 star review Summary: A man is found murdered on his houseboat. Detectives interviews suspects for his murder. Three women become the prime suspects. 1). Laura- a one night stand 2). Carla- aunt 3). Miriam- neighbor. Who would have motive to kill him? My thoughts: I love a good fast-paced- follow the clues type […]

Review of “The Lie About the Truck: Survivor, reality TV, and the endless gaze” by Sallie Tisdale

This is a short review. Overall:  2.5-3 star review: I got this book thanks to a Goodreads giveaway! Summary: Survivor fans unite! This is a book all about the TV show Survivor. My thoughts: I was expecting more from this book. I am a HUGE Survivor fan. I did not know if she was bashing […]